What we do:

We supply, print and deliver t-shirt orders throughout the New Zealand and abroad if required. We offer all our customers an experienced and quality t-shirt printing service providing printed tshirts and other custom printed garments at a competitive price.

Why choose us:

Look online and there are many t-shirt printing companies competing for your order, from large established companies to small one man operations. What, as a customer, are the main things to consider when picking out a supplier? Place an order that is deemed as insignificant with one of the big boys and you can kiss your deadline goodbye. Place your order with the flash frontage and all the bells and whistles and you may find that’s all they are, no expertise at all. Who knows how or where your job is being produced (never mind who is printing it!). So why use Kaiapoi Monograms? What sets us apart from the rest?


We have over 20 years of hands on, practical experience in all facets of the printing industry. And have produced work for many major labels in the trade. This depth of knowledge, and the network of support that we have accumulated, is priceless. Experienced in a complete service from design to production this gives us the advantage over other firms that out-source and use other peoples knowledge (including our own). As a customer this means that you can have total confidence in us from your initial enquiry through to the delivery of your order.


We are small enough to care yet has the capacity to produce in volume. We meet deadlines and we maintain quality. Our in-house, in depth expertise in all stages of the printing process is more than capable of meeting all of your requirements – from artwork to sourcing stock to specialist printing techniques. There is always someone available to advise or update you on the progress of you order